Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My son talks...

And sometimes he does so at about a mile a minute ninety miles per hour. Often though, he is content with just entertaining himself with his current He LOVES his cars. In fact, I believe this may be an understatement.  He walks around the house with at least two in each hand, and anywhere between 2 and 4 tucked up underneath his arms. He tries to leave the house like this, and sometimes does, only to be told to leave them in the car (and that "they will be right here when you get back"). In no way shape or form does he like to be told that he can't have his cars. Just last night I had to tell him to put his cars in the basket (I keep a small basket for toys in my bedroom in the event that I need to keep him in there while I'm straightening or what not) so that I could put him in bed for the night. He wasn't diggin' it for a whole minute and then decided it was probably best to just put them in there because the Ninja that is his mother wasn't going to budge on this one. LOL  Monkey-0, Mama-1.

Right now, Monkey weighs about 30 lbs and stands 2'11". THAT'S ALMOST 3 WHOLE FEET!!!  At only 2 years old, he is in the 75th percentile for his age.  Cool, linebacker it is then. LOL  Nah. He can do whatever he wants as long as it's a respectable (i.e. not illegal) profession and he's happy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A quarter of an inch...

That's how tall I felt this morning when I was closing the door while Monkey stood on the other side of it crying this morning as I left for work.  I wanted to call in to work today and almost cried on my way there. I hate going to work and wish that I could just be a stay at home, with the option to work if I wanted to.  He woke up cranky and wanted "milt" (milk) as soon as he stood up in his crib. Mind you, I am already running late and REALLY need to get out the door.  Looking back, I feel bad about being impatient with him now. It's not his fault couldn't get my butt out of bed this morning at a decent time to shower and not be running out the door in a hurry.  I have class tonight and won't see him until I get home (around 8p.m.)...which also happens to be his bedtime. *sigh*  Hopefully he is still awake when I get home. I'd really like to love up on him before he goes to sleep and make up for the lack of Mommy kisses he'll receive today... LOL

I noticed yesterday that he is bringing in a molar! His 2 year molar on the bottom left side. Not sure about the right side yet or either of the top ones. Poor baby. LOL

I realized something the other day. His father completely missed his second birthday. Didn't express a desire to see him, no call. Nothing. I wonder if he will see his father in the same light that the rest of us do...  Another story for another day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Monkey Chronicles

I am known as many things to many people. But to one little boy, I am known as Mama and Mommy. I was blessed with my son on St. Patrick's Day, 2009. And for two years I have looked at this child and feared not being a good enough mother. When I say that, I just mean that I hope that my efforts in raising him are good enough and that he grows up to be a contributing member of society, productive, loving, and a good man.

So far, his little self is growing like a weed and unlike some mothers, I am very excited about that.  I'm ok with him getting bigger and growing older. I like seeing him learn new things and the excitement on his face when he does. And I can't wait to find out what kinds of sports he likes, what other foods he likes, his favorite music, what subjects he excels at in school... I like it when he lets me cuddle and hold him, but I'm not excited about his temper tantrums. LOL

I started calling him "Monkey" when he was just weeks old and it's just kind of stuck. And through this blog, I want to chronicle his achievements and hopefully be able to keep up better with all of his sayings and pronunciations...  Right now when he wants milk, he'll say "milt, milt". LOL  It's way too cute. Water sounds more like"wa-er". Water but without the "t" sound. His Aunt Lisa, is Hosa (Ho-sa) and Uncle Thomas is Mas. Grandma is Ma-Maw...Grandpa is Papa.  Granny is Anny. 

He is currently obsessed with cars.
He can climb a 7 foot ladder attached to a 7 foot tall slide and will usually go down the slide...but there has to be someone at the bottom to catch him. Otherwise, he won't go. (He does this with supervision.)
He recognizes and will tell you what a handful of letters are...namely K, O, M, Y...maybe another that I'm forgetting.
And he repeats everything you say without hesitation. By this I mean that if he hears a word that he has not said yet or is new to him, he tries to say it. No fear. I love it!
He is currently potty training joke. (Not that I'm not helping him! He asks to go to the potty every time I take his diaper off and will empty his bladder!) It's so cool to see how smart he is and how aware of himself he is at a young age.

I love to write and have several actual journals around the house but I've noticed that I type a heck of a lot faster than actually putting pen to paper. So, here we are.